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Pet Health Plan

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Pet Health Plan

We all know the value and benefit of keeping our pets happy and healthy. At White Cliffs Vets we want to make preventative health care easy and affordable, to help you give your pets the best care possible.That’s why we are working with plan administrators, Vetsure, to deliver preventative treatments and benefits through our Pet Health Plan for dogs,cats and rabbits, all at discounted prices that are collected in an easy direct debit.

Note that our Pet Health Plan is NOT a pet insurance product.

Pet insurance is aimed at providing cover for the treatment of unforeseen accidents or illnesses and does not typically cover preventative healthcare costs.

To link the two aspects of pet healthcare, Vetsure Pet Health Plan members will get 5% off when you take out a Vetsure Pet insurance policy (or when you renew an existing one). That way, Vetsure can reward you further for your commitment to keeping your beloved pet in the best of health – at the same time as providing cover for the cost of treatment of accidents and illnesses through Vetsure Pet Insurance.

What more could a loving owner do for their pet?

What does the plan include?

  • Annual Vaccinations including Kennel Cough if required
  • Year round flea, worm and parasite treatment (as appropriate)
  • Six monthly 10 point health check with a Veterinary Surgeon
  • One complimentary appointment with a Nurse per year
  • 10% Off all dental procedures
  • 10% off in-house pre-op blood tests
  • 10% off consultations
  • 10% off Pet Travel Scheme Documentation
Animal Monthly Cost Saving
Small Dog Up to 10kg £13.60 36.5%
Medium Dog 10kg- 20kg £15.20 36.6%
Large Dog 20.1-40kg £17.00 36.7%
Giant Dog 40.1-60kg £19.90 36.7%
Cat £12.00 24.7%

Rabbit                               £11.00

*Vaccinations included:
Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Adenovirus
Cats: Feline Leukaemia, Enteritis, Herpes, Feline Influenza, Panleukopaenia, Calicivirus, Rhinot

How to Register

You can speak to a member of the Vetsure team, who administer our Pet Health Plan,  on 0800 050 2022. Alternatively a registration form, requiring your bank details, is available from Reception. A one off joining fee of £5.00 is collected with your first monthly direct debit. For more information, please speak to our reception team.

Please note: The discount is available to clients for the stated procedures undertaken exclusively at our practice, and at no other clinics. Primate cremations, out of hours consultations and referrals are not eligible for discount.

Prices correct at December 2019

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