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Terms & Conditions


All fees must be paid upon request, unless otherwise agreed with Julie or Chris.  The only exception to this is where an ‘Excess only’ pet insurance policy has previously been registered and accepted by us (for full details please read the relevant section below).  Please note, we do not offer credit facilities, we leave that to the banks.

You may settle your account using any of the following methods:

  • CASH


Payment is requested at the end of each consultation, after each individual treatment session, daily throughout any period of hospitalisation, at the time of discharge, at the end of treatment and upon collection of any drugs, diets or other products.

Prolonged treatment may require frequent payments in order to maintain a clear account and clients should be advised that further veterinary services cannot be provided to those with outstanding debts of more than 30 days, unless alternative arrangements have been made with our Accounts Department.  Our reception and clinic staff are instructed to decline further services until any debt has been cleared in full.


If, for any reason, you are unable to settle your account upon request, we would ask you to discuss the matter immediately.  Instalments or part-payment of any account may ONLY be sanctioned by Julie or Chris.


White Cliffs Vets will pursue all outstanding fees and will use debt collection agencies, legal services and court action where necessary.  If there is any amount outstanding on your account we will contact you advising you of this.
A letter will be sent out to you 7 days after this requesting payment and then 7 days later advising that if the account is not cleared we will send the account to our debt collectors for collection. Any cheque returned by our bank, any credit card payment not honoured and any cash tendered that is found to be counterfeit, will result in the account being treated as ‘unpaid’ and we will pursue it accordingly. Any bank charges or other costs will be transferred directly to the client.
Please note that late payment of your account will incur extra fees as charged to us by our solicitor or agent  or other reasonable costs, fees or expenses  incurred by  us in connection with the collection of your overdue account. We also reserve the right to charge Statutory interest of 8% per annum on any late payment. White Cliffs Vets do not accept responsibility for the actions of debt collection agencies or the consequences of pursuing any debt owed to us or sold on by us.
Should you have a query about any of our terms of trading, please feel free to ask for further explanation or clarification. This is easiest done via email. Please email us at info@whitecliffsvets.co.uk



We will be happy to provide a written estimate as to the probable cost of a course of treatment.  Please bear in mind that any estimate given can only be approximate as a pet’s illness may not follow a conventional or predictable course.  For this reason, such an estimate should not be interpreted as a fixed price quotation.  We will only honour a fixed price quotation which has been signed by Chris or Julie.

Treatment and investigations are dictated by a patient’s condition over time.  Clients need to be aware that it is only possible to give estimates covering short periods of time, i.e. two to three days.  After this, further two to three day estimates can, and will, be generated in response to information available, alterations in the patient’s condition and/or any progress made.

When a pet is hospitalised every effort will be made to give regular updates via the telephone however it must be remembered that some conditions change swiftly and may require treatment immediately, this is rare and you will usually be asked to give consent for further treatment and will be advised of the cost at the time.


Certain elective procedures, such as neutering and vaccination, are carried out at set prices, depending upon the type and size of patient.  Such fees assume that no complications occur.  Management of complications, from whatever cause, always generates additional costs, which are not the responsibility of the White Cliffs Vets and so must be met by the client, as detailed below.


There are many and varied reasons why surgical or medical complications may occur, including self-trauma by the patient.  We regret that we cannot be held responsible, whatever the cause.  Risk of complications is clearly identified on all our surgery, anaesthesia, hospitalisation and other consent forms.  Costs arising as a result of dealing with any complications are regarded as additional to any estimate and will be included in the final account.

We pride ourselves on our excellent standards of practice, equipment, staff skills and up to date veterinary techniques.  The outcomes of our medical and surgical cases are remarkably good.  However, just as with human medicine, nothing is 100% predictable and results can never be guaranteed.


All White Cliffs Vets veterinary services are determined and performed by qualified veterinarians, assisted by qualified registered or trainee veterinary nurses.  All our vets and qualified nurses are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and so must act in accordance with their guide to professional conduct at all times.

White Cliffs Vets is recognised by the RCVS as an accredited Tier 2 practice.  This means that our facilities and services are of a consistently high and certified standard.  Details of the practice accreditation scheme are available from the RCVS (www.rcvs.org.uk).


In an emergency we can be contacted using our telephone number 01304 41 41 41 to access our 24 hour veterinary service which is provided by Vets Now or you can ring them directly using the telephone number above.


Clients are obliged to ensure that all registered animals are fully vaccinated at all times.

White Cliffs Vets is not responsible for the consequences of a client bringing an inadequately vaccinated animal to any of our hospitals or clinics.  We do not accept responsibility for the consequences for any animal that is not up to date with their vaccinations.


Any client threatening a member of staff, behaving inappropriately, or failing to clear their account in response to a final written request will be refused future veterinary services.


We sincerely hope that you will never need to complain about the standards of service you receive from White Cliffs Vets.  However, if there is something you wish to discuss or you have a complaint, please in the first instance discuss the matter with the veterinary surgeon or nurse in charge of your pet and if you are unable to do this please telephone or write to either Julie or Chris. Contact details can be found on our website.  Please remember to include your details, details of any member of staff involved (all our staff wear name badges and are easily identified) plus the full circumstances of your complaint. This information will remain confidential. We take all complaints very seriously and will endeavour to deal with client concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We are registered under the Data Protection Act of 1998 to keep your personal information for accounting and record purposes. We will not divulge your details to other agencies except for debt collection purposes. We will use the data that we have on file to contact you with information beneficial to your animal’s health, for example vaccination reminders, drug recall information, other products which may be relevant, and newsletters. If you DO NOT want us to send you such information, please advise us in writing.


Case records and documents, including those of specific investigative procedures such as  radiography, endoscopy or ultrasound scans, remain the property of White Cliffs Vets, and will be retained by us. Relevant copies of any record and/or history are available to you and can be passed, upon request, to another veterinary surgeon or pet insurance company.

Unless our clients specify otherwise, employees of White Cliffs Vets are free to take photographic images throughout the course of all or any treatment.  Such photographs may eventually be used by the Practice e.g. for marketing, teaching or training purposes.

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