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In An Emergency

Unfortunately emergencies do happen! In the event of such an emergency, if possible, you should call us straight away and speak to our Reception Staff who are well trained and confident in handling such cases. You will be advised to bring your pet to the surgery immediately for emergency treatment. Our Receptionists will alert the vets and nurses of the situation so that they are aware and ready for you when you arrive.

Sometimes it is not always possible to phone ahead. In this instance, you should come straight to the Practice. You will be escorted to an available consultation room whilst a vet and nurse are alerted.

Emergencies include (but are not limited to):

  • Fractures
  • Wounds causing serious blood loss
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Gastric torsion/bloat symptoms
  • Obstruction – these patients may be vomiting, unable to pass faeces and not eating
  • Blocked bladder Ingestion of toxic substances (toxic plants, medicines, chocolate etc) Continuous vomiting, salivating
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Fitting patients


Out of Hours Emergencies

Our Surgery Hours are 8.30 – 6.00 Monday to Friday and 8.30 – 12.00 on Saturday. Outside of these hours, Vets Now covers small animal emergency calls for White Cliffs Veterinary Surgery. Details are one our answerphone when calling out of hours.

Vets Now provide ongoing nursing care for all inpatients throughout the night, at weekends and Bank holidays. All of the staff has experience and special interest in emergency and critical care medicine and surgery. The team on duty consists of a veterinary surgeon and a registered veterinary nurse with additional nurses/auxiliary nurses to help.

They only work out-of-hours so regardless of the time they are always ready to see you and your pet and they are always on-site to tend to their patients’ needs.

Vets Now Ltd are hosted by Cinque Ports Veterinary Hospital, Ashford and Broadway Veterinary Hospital, Herne Bay.  You can choose which Practice is more convenient for you.
Vets Now Ashford
Cinque Ports Veterinary Hospital
Ashford Road
TN23 3EA
01233 879913
Opening Hours: 19.00pm-08.30am Mon -Fri
Midday Saturday – 08.30 Monday
Vets Now Herne Bay
Broadway Veterinary Group
Unit 1 The Links
01227 470033
Opening Hours 18.00pm – 08.30am Mon-Fri
Midday Saturday – 08.30 Monday

We chose to partner with Vets Now to enable us to deliver the best possible care for your pet 24 hours a day. Being able to use the Vets Now service means that if your pet becomes ill or is involved in an accident during the night or at the weekend you can rest assured that a dedicated emergency veterinary team is available to care for your pet should the worst happen.

How does Vets Now work?

This is a simple guide to how the Vets Now service works.  There is also some useful information you can find in Vets Now’s Frequently Asked Questions page on their website.  Please see our client notice board for some further information.

Using the Vets Now service is simple. Canterbury’s Vets Now clinic telephone number is 01227 47 00 33. Vets Now staff are able to give you advice over the phone and they will tell you if they think it is safe for your pet to wait until the morning to see us at White Cliffs Vets. However, if you really do wish to see a vet, rest assured Vets Now will always be happy to see you. If you do need to go down to the clinic, please bring any medication that your pet is taking with you.  We have also provided Vets Now with the method to access your pets’ records.

House visits are occasionally necessary, but in nearly all situations the best possible care for your pet is available at the Vets Now clinic. Bringing your pet to Vets Now will give them immediate access to the range of drugs and equipment they will need to begin treatment. The Vets Now staff will be able to advise on safe transport of your pet to the clinic.

Payment should be made at the time of treatment.  Vets Now accept cash, credit and debit cards.  If your pet is insured, this may cover the costs. You will need to provide a claim form directly to Vets Now to complete with you.

Some of the frequently asked questions:

I won’t be seeing my own Vet who knows my pet?

Under our previous arrangements you could not always see your own Vet, just like you do not see your own GP at Accident & Emergency Hospitals. The most important thing to remember is that you will be seeing a Vet who is awake and experienced in looking after your pet in an emergency.

It will take me longer to get to Vets Now than my own vet – how is this better?

Previously your vet had to go to the practice from home to see you, he or she had to unlock and then find what instruments and drugs were needed. Vets Now are ready and waiting for you; they will be preparing for your arrival in the time it takes you to get there.

What happens if my pet needs to be hospitalised?

Your pet will be looked after by Vets Now until he/she can be returned to you or your practice the following working day.

How will my Vet know what treatment my pet has been given by Vets Now?

Vets Now will email, fax or phone all the details to your vet during the night so your Vet knows exactly what has happened by the next morning.

What makes Vets Now better for my pet?

Previously if your pet needed emergency treatment in the middle of the night or over a weekend, your Vet was called in especially. Your Vet works long days and at the weekend in addition to having to be available in an emergency. Vets Now only do emergencies – (they work shifts) therefore they are better prepared to give the very best for your pet.

Will I have to pay Vets Now at the time?

Yes – payments should be made by cash, cheque or credit card before leaving Vets Now or Insurance details given.

I feel quite happy leaving my two cats Dave and Alan here, they seem to love all the attention too, the staff are fantastic!

Michelle Stewart

In An Emergency

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